Raising  NoveMber

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Raising NoveMber

Our Story

She was born on a Tuesday morning and Tuesday was almost her name. We should have known she’d be different because we couldn’t agree on a name from the beginning. 

My daughter’s name is November, but split in half. Nove is her first name and Mber is her middle name. You can pick how the first one gets pronounced. You probably won’t be the first to say it that way. 
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  • 06/30/2017

    Do It Anyway – Confidence Hack #2

    Do it anyway
    Confidence Hack – Do It Anyway Yesterday we talked about having bad days and setbacks and how they are normal and part of life. In other words, we all have days when we just don’t want to, or days when we hear that little voice in the back of our head that tells us that […]
  • 06/30/2017

    How To Avoid The Crap That Brings You Down

    avoid the crap
    Avoiding People, Places, And Situations That Will Bring You Down We all have people in our lives that act as cheerleaders and who are great for our self-esteem. We also often have people around us who bring us down. Or maybe it’s a particular place or situation that makes you feel inadequate or self-conscious. It’s […]
  • 06/26/2017

    Make A New Habit – Confidence Hack #1

    make it a habit
    It’s time for a confidence hack. Today is all about cultivating new habits. There’s nothing to boost your confidence like getting into the habit of doing something positive. I don’t care if it’s giving up coffee or smoking, hitting the gym each morning, or getting your most dreaded task out of the way by 10 […]
  • 06/12/2017

    Bad Days And Crappy Set Backs Happen

      So far we’ve talked a lot about different ways to boost our self-confidence and how to feel better about ourselves. While that’s certainly important, there will be bad days and there will be times when we suffer setbacks. No one is confident and courageous every single day of their life. No matter how much […]
  • 06/05/2017

    Eat The Frog – Confidence Hack #4

    eat the frog
    Confidence Hack – Eat That Frog In yesterday’s post I shared some tough love with you and explained why complaining about things isn’t a good long-term strategy. In today’s confidence hack we’re going to piggyback on that idea by eating the frog. Often the thing we complain about is something we don’t want to do. […]

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