Our goal in offering product reviews at Special Needs Kids Talk Radio is to help others find products that make their life easier, more fun and safe.

Product Testing and Reviews: While we do enjoy actually testing the products or services, the point of any review or product testing is to share our experience with it with the rest of the world. We are interested in all types of products and services from daily use to special occasion, for school, work, or home, Kids and their adult caregivers.

If you have a fun, fabulous, educational, or useful product that you would like to see reviewed on Special Needs Kids Talk Radio, we would love to hear from you! There is no charge at this time for product reviews.

If during the testing process we find that we have issues with the product/service we will email you and explain the problems.

We offer only truthful reviews and testing from our point of view and experience with your products. We will however, send you a copy of the written post before publishing in order for you to offer insights or additional information that may help readers get around any negative experience on our part.

Discounts or Give a Way – always a good idea to entice more readers to visit you and purchase.

Why are we qualified to offer product and service reviews for Special Needs Kids and their caregivers?

Jenn Brockman – adult parent: I have fibromyalgia, disc deterioration in at least 3 spots in my spine, and arthritis in many other joints.
My kids :
Nove has PDD-NOS (autism) ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), Anxiety, toileting issues.
Kat hasAttention Deficit Disorder, depression.
My Mom: 60+ Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Sensory integration disorder, Chronic Migraines.

If you feel that our qualifications will not fit your product, email us anyway. We might know someone to do the review who has other special needs.
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