1. Jan Kearney
    01/27/2015 @ 6:06 AM

    When I was a kid, my parents enrolled me and my sisters in all sorts of activities, from karate to dancing to sports and activities. I hated it and just wanted to be left alone. There was no pressure to “win”, the idea was to “bring me out of myself”.
    The good side was we socialised and didn’t hang about on street corners getting into trouble!

    Anything my daughter did after school was her choice, there was no forced sign ups. We had a pony, so yes there were times when I put my foot down – you can’t just not turn up and care for it without planning an alternative.

    I do think too much pressure is put on some kids to “perform” and days are too crammed. Then there’s the opposite end of the scale where kids come home from school, switch on the games console and do nothing else day in day out.

    Finding the balance and something your child enjoys to do is important.
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  2. Bonnie Gean
    01/26/2015 @ 11:30 PM

    I never had any after school activities as a child and as a result I didn’t let my child have any.

    There is an abundance of opportunities to do at home to help your child gain knowledge and exercise without having to resort to third party care, such as after school activities, summer camp or a baby sitter.
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  3. Miriam Slozberg
    01/26/2015 @ 12:20 PM

    It is crucial to find a balance when it comes to getting your kids involved in after school activities. Sometimes it may be a bit much especially if they have homework. That is why my kids are busy on weekends instead but some programs only run in evenings and not weekends. Or you can have them engaged a few evenings a week, and not every evening. That would be a lot.
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